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Kenda Comments Please

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I am going to buy a set of Paddles and also 20s rear plus 21s front with ITP Baja rims for the dessert.
I'm on a budget and Kendas are the most inexpensive of all the brands.

Anyone have an opinion on this brand?
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kendas are pretty crappy i think...i like my razrs or my bkt x-drivs(same as razr but different brand)
hmm must be all the different type of soil over here in pa...everybody i see uses razrs or holeshots
I'm interested on what people think are better for the nasty terrain. Kenda's or holeshots???
well if those are your two choices i wouldnt even pick the holeshots unless u get like HD's or the new GNC tires but if u just wanna use race holeshots i would buy the kendas
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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