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Just some Pics for the Viewing!!!

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Just some playing today!

More playing!

The gate at my race saturday! I didnt so good! I took 4th first heat then last in my next next because I stalled! Then second in the LCQ! Bummer.

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Thanks for sharing the pictures, looks great.

You look like a fairly tall guy, how's the flow between foot-pegs/handlebars/seat/plastic feel for you?
Helmet next time ;-)
hes got the baseball cap on...what more does he need :p
Nice Pics keep 'em comin'
The fit is fairly nice! The bars are right there with a CR High bend so thats nice! Sorry about the Helmet. We just unloaded them from the race that previous night and thought we would clean the red dirt off the tires. HEHEHEE
Nice pics! Strange that your racing circuit doesnt require nerf bars.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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