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Just Got Back..

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well i just got back from oregon the other day,wow what a place to ride...first time there on my own bike..of course the ltr...ran awsome,paddles worked great...sand skate 2's..saw 2 other ltr's one white the other yellow,almost raced 2 banchees but they never came back ...must of been scared..... i'm jealus of the people that get to call that place home..all that sand right there to play in all the time..alredy booked my trip for next year..while i was there i picked up my K+N filter,it made a differance for sure..
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Just wondering where exactly you went in Oregon. I'm from Edmonton, AB and was planning on going down there for the sand dunes this summer as well. Just wondering where you live and how long it took you to get there.
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