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Just A Good, Clean Picture

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where did u get those nerfs from? and how much?
where did u get those nerfs from? and how much?
Those nerfs are UM Performance alloy. They were about $150. They are actually made to fit the LTZ400. I was trying to get my quad ready for a race and NO ONE had nerf bars in stock. I tried everything, even offered to pay top dollar, but I couldn't get any in time for the race.

So I found those and had them overnighted to me. The peg area bolted right up. They are shorter than the LTR450's nerfs, so I cut them at the front side, heated them up and spread them to 2.5" longer, and bolted a solid stock of aluminum to the frame that the nerf bars go over.

It ended up being a clean mod that originally was only going to be temporary, but it looks so good and is original so I am keeping them. I cased a double really hard twice, plus wrecked so badly I bent my frame, bent my a-arms, broke my sub-frame and taco'd my wheel, and the nerf bars and home made brackets don't have a scratch on them!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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