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Junkie Trix

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OK guys...I went and found the fake stainless fittings so you can replace your fuel line if you want to. Here's what they look like... :D

And here's a side view of the fitting so you can see the 3/8" hose clamp built into the fitting

The brand is "Spectre" and the kit is Z9490

Hope this helps :p

PS...You can get just the fittings on
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can you post a picture of it installed? I cant seem to find it ANYWHERE!!
Wallace, here ya go...
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Elfro, yes your braking will improve with stainless steel lines. I'm not sure how much in a quad. I know in cars it helps reduce fade & makes the braking feedback more constant because the lines do not swell (like you pointed out). Be that as it may, I have seen stainless kits on ebay already so you might hunt some down and tell us what you think...Or I can do it... :p
True dat! :p ..Fuel...quit reading over my shoulder :lol:
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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