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June Qotm Submissions

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Same rules apply, At least 3 still pictures, must be an ltr450, and winner will receive 2 free decals.

Good luck!
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Month is half-way over, need some submissions :)

tag t2 bar rm hi
yoshimura rs-5 exhaust system
yoshimura cherry bomb
duncan racing front bumper
ac racing black line pro peg nerf bar
remove air box lid
douglas beadlock 8x8
holeshot mxr4 18x10x8
holeshot mxr4 19x6x10
waiting for:
graphic kit
grap bar ... maybe this week i'm come from canada it's long
dyno jet powercommander
gthunder linkage
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A dirty LTR huh?...ehh...why not? :p
Hey Sandjunkie why don't you enter your ltr in qotm? and fuel you guys have nice quads
My bike is all apart getting ready for test fitmet of new suspension. The nerfs and heel gaurds are getting powder coated , and then cams, headwork and a pipe. I should be in the running next month.

Hey Hobs, bike looks great but if you could get some still shots for us that'd be great!
K&K Graphics Kit
Two Brothers Full Exhaust
Pro Armor Frame Skid Plate
Yoshimura CRBM

Sitting Next to Quad
Pro Armor Nerf Bars
Pro Armor Number Plate

On Order
Pro Armor Swing Arm Skid Plate
Pro Armor MX Bumper
Pro Armor Grab Bar
Rear Brake Caliper
Rear Brake Disk
ITP XCT 22's and 23's
Precisicion Steering Stabilizer


For Fun
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Oh I dunno...most of these guys have alot better looking bikes than mine...maybe soon :p
New post with pics is below.
Hello, This one is my quad REGARDS

-Handlebars Tag metals t2.
-Controls Asv c5.
-Heel guards complet Speedfreak.
-Wheels Douglas.
-Tires Maxxis.
-Kill switch Pro designe.
-Grips Pro grip.
-Lowered suspension.
-Cherry bomb Yoshimura.

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i wash my bike...

i finaly receive my grab bar
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Here is my LTR, mods are still coming but what the heck.

Mods are:
Yoshimura full system
Yoshimura cherrybomb
Pro-design pro flow intake w/foam filter
AC racing pro-pegs with heelguards
Blingstar flight bumper
Pro-design killswitch
Tag cr lows w/universal mounts
Spider mx-slim grips
Douglas billet beadlocks (rear)
ITP mxr6's (rear)
Douglas red labels (front)
ITP holeshot mx's (front)
Moose 13T counter sprocket
Duncan racing #plate backgrounds
Powermadd handguards (not pictured)

heres some pics:

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Well heres mine!

And the final one..
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