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July Qotm Winner

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Effektus Racing
Hey Guys

Heres my LT-R, Im from South-Africa, Bought it in the begining of April, was one of the 1st LT-Rs in South-Africa. I Strarted Racing this year and what a bike! I overshot a tabletop and broke my Collarbone at the begining of May, Raced again for the 1st time Yesterday and came second. Parts for the LT-R is hard to get in South-Africa sad.gif

All my Extras on the Bike:
Elka Shocks front & rear
Fassst co. Handle bars
HMF Slip-on exhaust
Bling Star Front Bumper
Bling Star Rear Grab bar
FMC Rims
Air-Age Nerf Bars
Hyde Plastic Skid Plates
Maxxis Razr MX front
Kenda Klaw rear
Yoshi Cherry Bomb
Pro Design Kill Switch
Pro Design Filter Kit
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Congratulations on the win, great looking machine
when does each month start and what day do you tally the votes? i would like to enter mine when i get done with some more mods
and a dvd? oh its on. well if NW can win with a 7/8 naked model could someone win with a fully naked model maybe with an extra sticker on :rolleyes: you know FUEL style B)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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