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Joe @ Fullerton(STU) is GREAT!!!

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I just got off the phone w/ Joe. Great guy.

Quad specs:
LTR450 w/ cherry bomb kit. Probably will go to with pipe. No engine mods planned.

Riding conditions:
LA Dunes and Beach on the Gulf of Mexico. the sand is coarse w/ some hardpack.
50 to 60% racing and 40 to 50% duning

Joe's recommendations:
Extreme Hauler 21-12-8 6 paddle (non buff) very minimal wgt difference to dbl buff. More for looks than function.
GBC clone of Razorback

Probable launching problems w/ this setup till some rear sprockets become available but I can live with that.

Price:$412.00 to my door

For anyone that is interested, he recommends the same setup + 1 paddle for the 700R Raptor.

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Outstanding! I am very fond of that tire setup as I have a set too! They work very well and the paddle on the Extreme will last for several years. If you ever get a chance to run some brats make sure you do, just for comparison sake.

Our double buffs are around 1lb lighter each then non can order 10 tires from ST all the same size and buff and they will all weigh different and most likely have different roll-outs!
I agree! Joe at Sand Tires Unlimited is a great source. I got my sand tires from him and he spent nearly an hour on the phone with me explaing the differences and options. I wound up with the Comp Cut Sand Skates with Razorbacks up front. Both are mounted on 1.25 Douglas wheels. I am really happy with my purchase although I have not used them yet. I am heading to the dunes this weekend and cant wait to try em out!

If anybody needs sand tires from a source that will give honest and solid advice, Joe is the man.

Just my .02 cents!
sounds good
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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