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Jj's Z450 Is On Ebay For A Charity Sale For His Medical Bills

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180015562423 <---- put that into the search on the uper right of the screen on ebay... and it'll be there..... its a sale for his medical billssss

maybe junkie should have a word with is wife and buy it since .... u know u have all the greatest things in the world except that.. :lol: haha.......

i wish he didn't have to sell it and just ride
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holy chit thats one of a kind you know how much that things been through how many races its won!!!
Just saw it on e-bay. I also saw Cernics quad there too. Man I wish I had the cash to buy Cernics LT-R450. Very nice set-up.
JJ's bike world look great in the shop. Just out of my budget. I hope it goes for 3 times what it is at now.

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