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Jetbike's LTR450 pictures

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Can I have the white one :twisted: haha

Very nice pics jet!

:Edit: more!!!

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We are supposed to get some at out dealer this week! Colorado Springs, I think they said $7199 + tax and bull.
Sorry, I am not a dealer. The dealer in my town will have them this week.
Maybe that is there fix to the national board of safety requirements once the owner/ racer takes the lights off? I guess they do not know that you will not need reflectors on a mx track, which is what it is designed for. That is weird that it does have reflectors, it ain't a trailer! Even the DVX and predator have reflextive stickers, not actual reflectors.
I figured out why they have reflectors... It is so the monster heard of humans racing to take a look at it do not run into it with all their excitement.

18/10/8 MX tires. I thought this was supposed to be 3" wider then the yfz?
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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