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Hey whats up......I was just wanting to get some thoughts of people who own Jeep TJ's......Alright I have an 2004 Wrangler Sport with your normal upgrades....Here is what I'm thinking, its getting time to get a new one cause mine is getting some miles on it.....So I was thinking about the 2007 Wranglers!!!!! But what I'm worried about is all the electronic Bulls!$t with it.....I mean it has ABS, ESP, power window/locks and alot more that ya'll may have read about!!!! They made it to be a rock ready Jeep, but where I'm from we don't really have alot of rock crawler action!!!! Around here it is some better good mud holes and some better nasty terrian!!!! But they do have alot of things I like about the 2007's though.....Like the modular hard top, the new engine and some much needed upgrades to the inside!!!!! So what do you think, get a new 2007 or just get the same one I got just a new 2006 that they have left????? Srry it is so long Thanks
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ive got a yj and a 05 tj , drive the tj mostly in the dunes and occasionally mud and rocks, dude ive had it for a year now and i am ready to get rid of it , in a year its been in the workshop about once a month with issues, ac, radio , driveshafts , transfer case , body mounts , bushings ,death wobble many times , one of the cylinders stopped firing , my cat converter went bust ...and a lot of other things... its a great little car but my opinion is sell it , by yourself a yj to mess around with , they are built much tougher , are lighter and more powerful and a lot simpler none of that electronic shite and then with the rest of the cash get yourself a comfy daily driver car and you will still have money left over to modify both of them...
thats what im doing , getting a silverado 6.0 as my daily driver and keeping the yj to play with
just my 2 cents

plus i would stay away from a first year model jeep know its gonna have trouble
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