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Jake's Hipers

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Did you get the hipers yet?

What tires are you going to be running?
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ha! I completely forgot that they were suppose to come in today, checked the front step and sure enough they're sitting there. Came in just as promised, I ordered from Matt on Thursday but he had already done his shipment for the day so he shipped them out Friday. Shipped them standard ground from PA, so not bad.

I'm going to drop these on a scale and see what they weigh out at without tires on them.

They will be run with a Kenda Klaw MX front tire (mxr's on the rear with integrated hiper hubs). This wheel/tire combo is AMAZING for me, the front Kenda's handle awesome, and they managed to keep the weight down comparable to a 2-ply tire with the 4-ply, so I get the added durability out of them too.

I'll try to snap some pictures here in a bit, these are great - and for 290$ shipped for a pair of front rims I'm not going to complain.
Pictures...I'll snap some with them on the bike later once I clean everything up

[attachmentid=1452] [attachmentid=1450] [attachmentid=1451]
[attachmentid=1449] [attachmentid=1448]

Will be ordering 4 re-enforcement rings in red to see if I like that more (will probably use the reds). Black looks great, but I think the red will set my bike off
Alright, I went and picked up a small scale and measured the weight of each rim. These are just what I got for weight measurements...not sure what Hiper claims the weights to be at, but I trust these to be fairly close. These measurements are from a 4+1 offset, 10x5, single beadlock front hiper rim without any rubber installed.

The weight of EACH rim WITHOUT the ring or the 12 bolts that hold it in place came out to be 4lbs 5 ounces. The weight of EACH rim WITH the ring held in place by all 12 bolts came out at 5lbs 1 ounce.

Would be interested to see the weight of a comparable Douglass or ITP rim?
Junkie fiber those bead locks...if you don't?..I I'm giving you the chance to be the first... :p
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