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Itp Trac Stars???

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hey guys. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the trac stars. i'm looking to pick up a new set of tires/rims for the ltr for a variety of terrain. the 20'' trac stars on douglas red labels look like they'd be a decent all around tire/rim setup that would be very reasonable price-wise. i kind of want to stay away from razrs/holeshots, where i ride there is quite a bit of muddy terrain and a friend that has razrs always seems to have his tires packed full of mud. I'm currently running 21'' gbc mudsharks from my old 300ex which work awesome but are really heavy and a tad too tall. I think a 20'' tire would be perfect for my application but am having trouble deciding on a tread design. I definitely need a 6ply tire though as its rocky as hell where i ride. if anyone would like to share any suggestions, comments, concerns....etc. it would be greatly appreciated.
thanks guys.
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