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Looking to sell or trade for similar condition Maxxis Razr's sized: Front 20x7x10 Rear: 20x11x9. 4PLY ONLY!!!

Otherwise $250 + 75% shipping. Will post pics tonight. They have very little wear. Ran them twice on my '06 LTR and they are just too heavy and have too much traction for a track. GREAT for trails. I loved them in the fine sand/dirt at Halsey (one ride).

Front: 22x7x10
Rear: 20x11x9

Both 6ply. The guy i bought them from couldn't have put more than 15 hours on them. I know I have a low post count, but there are a few excellent members here who will vouch for me (AT LEAST THE BETTER! :screams:).

If you have any questions please PM or email to [email protected] <-- goes to my phone, PM's wont get checked till tonight.

New they are $315+ at RMATV.

Thanks for looking!
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