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Hey guys, im hoping for some guidance on my 06 LTR. I just pulled it out of storage. I figured it was in need of a valve adjustment so I did that. The bike would turn over but didnt even try to fire. things Ive tried
-adjust valves
-new fuel filter and spark plug
-checked the fuel pump screen
-checked the injector for buildup
-compression is 110ish
-battery tested good

Tonight I went to see if the injector was spraying but now it doesnt want to turn over. I tried to get this thing to start for awhile and now it doesnt want to crank. Battery is fully charged and it acts like the battery is dead. Lats night it would try to fire but no cigar. I prob burned up the starter or something. Any advice from you guys that know these bikes well. Just trying to figure it out without taking to the shop. This thing has always been awesome and reliable. thank you.
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