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Is This A Good Price ?

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I went to my local dealer today and they were having a BIG sale's event. They had 2 ltr450's there both for 5,900 dollars. I have 1800 for my trade in and i have about 2100 all together after you acount for the money i have saved up also. My dad also said he would maybe pay off the rest and just get it for me with my 2100, is 5900 a good price?

:scoot: ( just had to throw that in there it looked funny :lol: )
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I payed $6800 in march, but here in IL. I have to pay sales tax and another kind of tax, plus shipping, handling and title.
Well i heard Canada has them for alot also. I met afew Canadians at a national and everything offroad is atleast an extra $1,000 even if u convert it to US dollar.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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