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Intake Pre Filter

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Hey I have the pro flow intake w/ foam. The red outer foam (works like a outerwear) traps alot of sand.
I was thinking to put a outerwear instead of the red one. making sand bounce out instead of clogging it. but will have the yellow foam filter for better filtration.

what you think?

will it work better or just lose power? filtration efficiency.

this is for the dunes.
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we have some dunes here in alaska like nothing you'll find in any other state. the sand is actually silt and the particles are 4 times smaller than the sand grains that you are riding in. long story short....i have the same filter set up as you and the outerwears prefiler blocks 90% of the dirt and the K&N catches the rest. i would say go with the the thin prefilter, you will get alot more power and as far as im concerned be perfectly safe to run in sand.
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