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Intake Kits

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Looking to get an intake kit, K/N style.Dont know what one to buy,ProDesign-Trinity-Velocity?Just bought HMF full exhaust with Dobeck Controller,have c/b already.Just wanted to here your opinions if you own one of these.I ride mostly dunes and desert ,live in Las Vegas NV.Thanks for your opinions this site kicks ass.
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I have to agree...the Trinity is the best set-up out there...and yes they would be hard pressed to screw up a for anything else you purchase from them?...well...I was lucky but I seem to be in the minority...I hate hearing stories like that... :(
Since we are talking INTAKES and not filters? I would still have to agree that the Trinity is the best set-up. You are talking about the FILTER itself. Thats a whole different ballgame and debate. Trinity does NOT make that is made by K&N. And you do not have to run the K&N with that Trinity can go grab a foam or anything else for that matter.

As far as the flow of the intake? That intake boot is on the small side anyways? So about the best thing you can do is to increase the velocity as best you can...and since we all agree that the Trinity has the smoothest intake?

And yes that stock air box is on the small side like you pointed out so since you can run it "Stand Alone" without the stock intake?...are pretty good points in it's favor.

As far as dyno time? Hell your close...if ya got one of them others? Lets make a day and run up to DASA on a Saturday and we'll throw them on the dyno...probably find out there's not a gnats ass in HP difference but it will be a cool thing to do...

If your game let me know... :D
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Junkie, I agree that Trinity's intake looks the best and it might perform the best. I mention "kit" because that is how most of us will purchase them - as kits. Thus, the filter is also important.

I'm not far from DASA. I'll meet you there today. I'll take off my whole air box w/ Pro Design and Extreme K&N and let you dyno it on your r450 to compare to your trinity kit. I have a cut/trimmed air box. Or I could let DASA dyno my quad to dial in the new FI kit.

Great, this will be another expensive day after I start thinking about dyno, ports and cams again :lol:

I'm getting ready to add some slotted rotors to the car, so PM or call me on the cell 714-742-0965 before I get too involved.

Brian...sorry I ran out of here before I saw your post...Just got back from DASA because I had to get my pipe to put together for the "Sand Junkie" edition of the DASA pipe....but yea lets try to get together here pretty soon...I'll try to set something up for the weekend of the 23rd? I believe that Fuel is taking his bike down there on that date so maybe we can get in on that...I'll check it out and get back to you...or you could get with us at the Super Sand Show? I'll be down there hanging with Dan...we got a camping spot so should be fun...let me know...
We also have what we call "Sand"...often substituted for the word "Fun"...

I hear you have what they call "Trees"...often substituted for the words "Hospital stay, broken bones, subluxation" and various other pains and maladies... :lol:
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