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Installing Rear Sprocket

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Do you have to remove the half axle to replce the rear sprocket?
I tried but couldn't do it, would not like to remove the axle side of the procket.??
any of you replaced the rear sprocket thanks!
If have to will sell the 37 tooth rear spr.
hope not
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yeah the front is easy but the rear I couldn't slide it out the axle.
you can change it but removing the bolts?/
sorry if i missed it but how many bolts do you have to remove?
4 bolts tires + 4 bolts sprockets+ loosen carrier to give slak to chain right.?
The REAR stock sprocket wont come out the new one "sproket specialist" will go in though I think the stock needs bigger inside loops. the new one has them a bit bigger. I dont know but its not working. prbably will cut the rear sprocket, unless there is a easier way. wont take the axle off for sure.
Hope I like the set +1 in the rear for dunnning. if not will be forced to buy a new 36tooth
hey thanks onesavage, yeah i am going to cut it tell you how it works when i try it
14t, 37t
Easy but you have to cut the rear sprocket. after that everythings goes smoothly.
will test in 2-3 weeks at Glamis so as the 6 paddle extreme and rebuilt shocks by I-shock tune for dunning! :D
yeah just post. im down to go any weekend. live close by.
give it at least 3 weeks to have my bike ready. :D
nah just the basics see how it runs
pro flow intake
HMF exhaust
+1 tooth rear
6 paddle extremes
shock redone by ishock
1 - 7 of 30 Posts
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