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Installed The Dobeck ---> Had To Get Towed To Camp

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The new mods are installed (Dobeck 2nd gen, DASA pipe & K&N), and I cut the air box. Took the quads out this morning for a pre-Glamis shake down trip. It started good and ran okay - had decent power but was popping at mid and full throttle. I made a couple of minor adjustments to the accelerator and main screws on the Dobeck, and it was running better, so pulled over to secure the Dobeck under the seat and go for a longer ride and it suddenly died (no sputtering - it just cut off).

While trying to restart, it would turn over a few times and stop cranking even though I held the start button. I let it cool for a few minutes, but the same thing happened, except that if I pressed the throttle, it would immediately stop cranking. I tried to bump start it, but it sounded weird and wouldn't fire. So I got towed about 5 miles back to camp by my wife's trusty Z400. :bangbang:

I removed the CB, but nothing. I reset the Dobeck to recommended setting (where it ran before), it flashed as its supposed to, but still wouldn't start and if I gave it throttle it stopped cranking. I then reinstalled the CB and disconnected the Dobeck - it fired right up and ran great. I covered the K&N with paper towels so it wouldn't run too lean and we rode for another 35 miles with no problems with the Dobeck disconnected. It had tons of power with the new pipe and intake mods, but I'm afraid its way lean now (I had a white plug before), so I want to use an EFI controller.

I don't know if the Dobeck suddenly went bad or if it could have been something else. Any idea what is going on?

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Just needs to be tuned. Gotta play with it my brother.
You can't tune it very easily if it unexpectedly shuts off and won't start until the Dobeck is disconnected.
Three big words for you brutha, P. I. M.!
Aren't those letters? I think "Peripheral Interface Module" would be three words.
Yeah, words or letters, I should have got a PIM or Power Commander.
I just got the PC. Just waiting for the map to run with Dasa pipe.
The Dobeck is fixed! Matt at Dobeck knew exactly what the problem was when I told him that it wouldn't start. He said some of the units were released with the female connectors not fully inserted into the plastic. This causes a poor connection or no connection of the FI unit, and results in the quad not starting or frequently stalling. The fix was very simple - pull the plastic connector apart and insert the pins all of the way until they stop at the end of the plastic connector.
So how does it perform now??
It works good now. Takes a little while to get it dialed in, but it solves the problem of being too lean with the pipe and air filter/box mod.
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