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Installed Cherry Bomb Cutting Out During High Rpm's In 2nd Gear

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Instaled cherry bomb and it is cutting out in high RPM's in second gear. Haven't tried it in other gears. This is with baffel out, lid off and ch. bomb. Is it possibly to lean? Any advise would be great. Thanks.
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doubtfull...i have a full exhaust and lid off with the cherry bomb and mines fine
You could be hitting the rev limiter.
Yep! Most likely you're hitting the rev limiter.
any more help?????????????????

Thanks for the help guys!!!
Today my bro-in-law (05yfz) and me (ltr) drag raced for about an 8th of a mile and topped at 5th, my quad was sort of cutting out (rev limiter maybe?). His bike has high comp piston, full exhaust, filtered, jetted, cam mod, cdi box and my ltr - crb, lid off, sparky out. Raced six times and the outcome was 3 to 3. Like I said, mine was cutting out when topped at 5th. What could I do to fix this? Full exhaust maybe? Or is there a way to change where the rev limiter hits?
You definately bounced off the rev limiter. Here's one sure way to find out. Just pin it in 2nd or third until it hits the rev limiter. You'll know when it hits and it should act the same way it did in 5th.

Purchase the PIM as well as a full exhaust (you'll need it with the PIM) and the PIM will raise the rev limiter.

PS Hers'a a PIM and FIMAK someone is selling at a good price:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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