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Injector Info

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Fuel injection is not voo doo science that costs a ton of money to upgrade if you look in the right places.

My buddy Alan and I have gone salvage yard hunting and have bought "high flow" injectors for sometimes less than $1.

Many injectors like ours can also be modified by injector specialists and very capable DIY'ers.

here is a link to an injector calculator:

This page shows various types of injectors and their common uses:

Here is a 550cc WRX STI injector aka STI pink that might swap into our stock locations and support HP ratings in the upper 60's to the wheels with no problems:

Here is a link to a company owned by a friend of mine that specializes in fuel injectors. They sell the same denso injectors modified to flow higher rates. You can contact him if you want to have them modify your stock one too. And they have all the way up to 750cc denso injectors for $319 for a set of 4 injectors.
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One thing to remember when switching injectors with other "vehicles" is high and low impedances. I have a link for some info on it, if I find it I'll add it.

here is one of them:

Its not the one I was looking for, it showed how to bypass the resistor for it to work properly but it was for a 3s-gte.
there is more info to be had in the DSM forums. [/b]
same for miss mine :( ...and the supra :( :( :(
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