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Injection Problem

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Let me explain the problem;

I have a suzuki LTR year 2006 with an injection problem.

Normal mode: When I turn on the ignition I have no FI light, Fuel pump starting, starter running, fuel pump relay slamming. But the injector does not activate. (So no gasoline in the engine).

The + 12v comes from the petrol pump and the ground comes from the CDI.

Shunt to ground mode: If I shunt the ground of the injector to the quad's ground, the quad starts and the injector sends fuel. At the meter a fi code. So the injector works but signals an FI error. In this case the quad starts and then stops due to the lack of injection.

The injector is new, has been tested with 3 different injectors: Same result. Tested with 2 CDI: Same result. The wires are not open.

Have you ever had a similar problem or solution to this problem?
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Check your resistance in the wires could be some corrosion.

Injector should be a pulse width modulation (PWM) which controls how long the injector is open for. There is more to it an just a ground connection.
Thank you for replying quickly.

The French translation is not very clear. Could you please detail a little more the test to be done
You need to check the resistance of electricity in the wire. This will tell you if you have corrosion within the wiring harness.

Since the injector is more than just a 5v or 12 volt connection. You need to check if there is resistance from one side of the wire to the other. If there is to much you will have issues.
I tested this (see image)


Continuity in all wires
No trace of corrosion and oxidation.

Resistance with Tester Fluke:
Blue 0.3 ohm
Red 0.2 ohm
Orange 0.4 ohm
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If you have no FI light when you turn the key you have an issue.

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When ignition switch is turned ON, FI light is lit for 2 seconds and thereafter remains unlit.
The ignition switch is turned ON, and the engine stop switch is turned OFF. In this case, the indicator panel
does not receive any signal from ECM, and the indicator panel does not light “FI light”.
If FI light is not lighted when turning the ignition switch to ON, the FI light does not indicate the trouble code.
It is necessary to check the wiring harness between ECM and indicator panel couplers.
The possible cause of this indication is as follows;
Engine stop switch is in OFF position. Ignition fuse is burnt.

I am in this case, When all the sensors are plugged in & ignition switch is on, I have no FI light and no injection.When ignition switch is turned ON, FI light is lit for 2 seconds and thereafter remains unlit.

When I unplug one of the sensors I have the FI & LED in Dealer mode.
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So when your turn your ATV on, and all the sensors are plugged in you have no FI light for 2 seconds?

have you put your ATV in Dealer mode with all the sensors on?
I have trouble expressing myself I try to detail.

I have the FI light which comes on for 2 seconds as soon as I turn the key without dealer mode and with dealer mode.

when all the sensors are connected with and without dealer mode. I have no light FI after 2 seconds. (So do not detect a problem with the sensors)

The FI indicator light comes on or flashes in dealer mode, only when one of the sensors is disconnected.

Or when I add the ground of the injector to the earth. (I specify that this manipulation was just to test the injector and see if it could start)
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Do you know how to access dealer mode?
Yes, shunt similar to this video:
putting it in OBD TOOL for Suzuki LTR would help to find the fault?
do you have a healtech or SDS? It probably would be a little bit easier to help identify your TPS or other sensors to see if they are calling at the correct time to fire the injector.
I don't have any with me, I saw some in healtech or SDS on aliexpr ... Which one is better?

I would like to be sure it helps me before I buy it
SDS or Healtech on allieexpress on not the real deal. SDS apparently does work from Alli however i would recommending buying Healtech from the source.
Ok I will see for the healtech.

In the software I will be able to see the injection signal? (without the engine starting)
or the problem could be displayed in the software?
hello @Kaway Im having the same issue with my suzuki ltr 450 2008 i've been trying to figure it out for the past 3 months and wasn't able too i pray you fixed the issue on yours so you can help me out. tu peux m'expliquer en francais si c plus facile pour toi . j'espere que tu regarde ce message le plus vite possible. Merci
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