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Ice Racing

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Any of you guys ice race?
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Dude are you drinkin to much of that Hennesey, roll bars c-mon!!! Were not in sprint cars here. how do you have an inch of ground clearance in the back ? skid plate? and up front 2.5" what the?? 50" wide maybe a little wide I mean you don't want to wide sometimes ,cause' it will take weight off of the tires and traction might suffer. Think of it as P.S.I.(pounds per square inch) your trying to get the studs pushed into the ice. The harder the ice the more weight you would want on your tire. If you go to wide then you don't have the leverage on that tire to force the studs in the ice, and that goes for tire pressure also. Hard ice= high pressure, soft ice =low pressure. High pressure makes the tire bulge in the middle a bit and puts less studs on the ice which gives you more pounds on those studs and they can dig in better. To many studs on the hard ice will make it seem like it's skating or slipping alot, usually. Imagine studded tires on concrete it would spin alot correct? Soft ice you usually want more studs on the ice= lower pressure to flatten out the tire surface. Not saying what I run for pressures but, this is the way I have always thought about it, and well not to brag but, the results have spoken for themself. :p
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Bah, I meant sway bars not roll bars obviously...was typing faster than I could think


As far as the width/ground-clearance yfz sits way low (see attached picture below). This bike was designed with motocross only in mind. This ice racing thing is just a hobby I'd like to pick up without having to change much from my current setup
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dude for ice racing all you need is a lowering kit sway bar and good ice tires and i recemend tire wraps because if you so much as drive you quad once on black top or any surface but ice your screws are jumk

by the way thanks rad ill need it this year hehe
Ok, yeah sway-bars are usually a good thing. Ice racing is more like T-T set-up. Nice pic of the racing BTW. Well with your Long Travel shock, weight transfer will come into play. If you can slow the rebound down enough it might work. When you get on the gas the front end will have to go all the way thru all the long travel to top out. Like when you try to pull a wheelie. It takes alot more to get it to sag in the back and transfer weight to the rear tires for traction. Then again shorter swingarms come into play, but not so much with the new 4-strokes either though. I have seen guys use suspension limiter straps like off snowmobile suspensions to limit how far the front end comes up thru the travel. Seem to work well.
The width might be something, are you narrow offset 4+1 already? Look at the race pic, looks like those are stock a-arms , or +2's with stock offset, and I know the 2 guys in second and third are fast the last time I raced, and the guy leading must be too if he's leading those 2. #41 looks like maybe stock arms with flipped wide rims?? #28 looks like +1 or +2 arms with narrow offset. All look like fairly short shocks or stock length roughly. I know this one guy local here had an early Gibson LT front end with Axis LT's, and he used limiter straps and it worked well he was fast. So..... there's yer' sign. :)
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actually for ice racing you dont want width becauuse you want to keep the weight as close to the chassis as you can because the futher the tires are out the less weight they have on them which results slipping or slidding i run 1.5 shorter swing arm and stock width and am passing people of out side in corners and not high sideing or nothing
Yep thats what I was getting at in the earlier post about width and all, you do want weight on those tires 4 sure!
I realize that weight transfers will be very different on ice with the obvious complete change in traction/friction/ I can see the narrower advantage coming into play. I run 4+1 hipers in the front to keep under the 50" other than swapping out front-end components AGAIN (not going to happen), there's not much I can do to bring it in any thinner.

I can't see trying to run an entire series or compete for points even this year, I just don't have the dedication to swap my bike over away from the MX/freestyle setup to try and be 100% competitive on the ice. More or less want to be able to go out, swing some laps and be able to run with the pack. I believe with my current setup + tire change, and a sway bar I could do that.

Appreciate all of the input guys
Yeah I know what you mean about switching out thats why I was trying to get you a little narrower, if possible and try to get some type of ? well, less travel in those fronts. Limiter straps might have to do or a lowering kit I suppose, then that changes geometry and , uhhh, blah , blah , blah. Just trying to limit the front some how I think would be good.
you can get a actual lowering kit for about 200 front and rear but sawy bar is when your starting to talk money altho we make em dirt cheap
I raced for years in Wisco. won many CWIRA races in Open Pro-studded and 250 Pro- studded as they name the classes,LOL. As far as the lowering kits and all when you do that, like move the top or bottom shock mounts in or out in changes geometry around alot. Sometimes, and I say sometimes, that is not the best way to go. With the front end style M-X Quadracer has it might be better just to limit the upward travel so it's not extending up so far to top out the shocks. He is already lower with ZPS style shocks so Lowering it with a Lowering kit "IMO" is not really the way to go. Read his post about being lowered already.
Swaybars are kinda a must, but some Quads can handle real well without one, depends on set-up and all.
you should come and race at swira this year as for the sway bar i dont know if thats entirely true or not but i never saw a good handling quad with out a sway bar but some people are different and by the way if you dont mind me asking whats ur name
With the front end style M-X Quadracer has it might be better just to limit the upward travel so it's not extending up so far to top out the shocks. He is already lower with ZPS style shocks so lowering it with a Lowering kit "IMO" is not really the way to go. Read his post about being lowered already[/b]
Limiting shock that's a game ALL new to me :eek:
Quad-16, yeah would like to get down that way for races. I know for sure there used to be a few real fast Banshee's from that way. As far as the name goes send me a "PM" here and maybe I'll tell ya'. The no sway-bar thing is kinda more toward the LT250R and its chassis design. Rake of the a-arm pivots(the LT250R was like zero rake), camber, caster, length of a-arms all come into play. The LT250R just seemed to handle flat oval, arching corners better. Less tendancy to have to twitch the bars back and forth like counter-steering to avoid spin-out. Unlike the Honda's and Yamaha's, which were known for quick spin-outs, and you would have to turn the bars back and forth alot more which scrub's alot of speed thru the corners. A nice constant "slideways" pitch thru the corners is always faster! Now TRX250R and newer chassis design's might work good on T-T because you have 180 degree corners, which is the equivalent to spinning out quickly and going the other way. One of the reasons I built the "HONZUKI" was because"IMO" the TRX250R has a better geometry for M-X racing, as we all know most newer style chassis are based on that design.
It was a few years back, that I was able to do well without a sway-bar against other machines that had all the stuff you could get on a Quad. Then I got into longer a-arms, lowering kits, and changing things around and I felt I needed a sway-bar then. With proper set-up and practice sometimes you can achieve excellent results without one.

M-X Quad, well you said you don't want to be switching around to much stuff. Another way to limit travel is to get Limiting spacers installed in the shocks you have now, instead of buying new shorter shocks or lowering kit, ect... Just run out to the local "sled" snowmobile shop(I know you have one of those snow snakes if you live in Minnesota) and get some of those suspension limiter straps and strap them on.
OMG did I just say that (strap them on) :huh:
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well you have had better luck than me my LT sucks on the ice without the sway bar because with it off my inside rear tire is about 6 inches off the ground but those lt chassis are the way to go for ice lowerthem and sway bar with zilla motor in em and nothing would catch them
A pic of me last year on the blaster. Ain't nothing sadder than gittin beat by an old man on a blaster :lol:
A pic of me last year on the blaster. Ain't nothing sadder than gittin beat by an old man on a blaster :lol:
where was this
Rainbow falls Colorado near woodland park. We race in Jan and Feb but no race on super bowl weekend yea!
Rode the blaster for 5 years but got tired of trying to keep up with all big 4 strokes and decided to get me a LTR. We(quads) run pro(money class) A,B,AND C Classes for trophys( also studded) and the kids have A,B&C(non studded max cc 125) classes. Not too uncomon to have around 300 riders for the quad and bike classes. They also break clases down by 4x4 and 2x4. The new schedule is not out yet but when it is I will post it. Just in case anybody wants give it a try.
yeah most of wat u said is the way it goes over here in WI but we run jan feb and march
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