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Ice Racing

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Any of you guys ice race?
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I've ice raced a few times up here in MN is a good time. I did'nt do much had a bad winter for it last year and my yfz sucks in the winter not that it didnt in the summer but its alot worse in the winter. But this year want to make it to as many as i can. Oh yeah for non studded racing take a set of 20inch turf tamers and sharpen the smooth side of a hacksaw and cut 2 slits in every knob straight across with enough power you can wheely on ice with those tires. At lest it worked well two years ago but the bigest thing with nonstudded is trottle control you could cut you tires get so hoosier race tire or all that other jazz but it all come down to throttle control cause you corner with your throttle and weght distrabution. Much harder than studded racing.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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