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I Need A Favor

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When you have time, go to, and click on Rates & Hours up in the upper right. Tell me what doesnt sound right. Thats right, ATVs are no longer allowed at the track due to dust. Yet they brag about their inground irrigation system to water the track. Well, not being able to ride my LTR on a MX track kinda made me mad since thats why I bought it. I decided to write them an email with my opinion. They wrote me back and said they would look over all the emails they recieved from ATVers to see "where they stand" as to allow ATVs again or not. What I ask of you is to write an email (in your free time of course) and give your thoughts on why ATVs should be allowed. Their email address is [email protected] or you can click "Contact Us" on their website mentioned above. Thanks to everyone who responds.
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Done :D
Thanks man, hopefully they will change there minds considering it is the only MX track around, and its 45 minutes away...
I wrote them a good-length email as well (nothing too long)...

I would like to encourage EVERYONE on this site to write a friendly request for riding privileges at Shiloh Park as well. You never know how far things like this can spread, showing firm, respectful concern can go a LONG way to opening up more doors. Help a fellow ATV rider out, and let's keep all the doors in this sport open that we can! Thread stickied
Thanks man. Thats what I was thinking, first its my riding area, then someones elses, next it could be yours. If someones riding area is endangered, I always sign a petition or write a letter to try and keep it open, Im hoping the favor will be returned. I have nothing against the dirtbikes, I just wish we could all enjoy the sport of off-roading and motocross. Thanks for everyones help.
HA!...they actually answered me :D

We are saving all the emails from atv customers. We will look over them all in a short period of time and see where we are. We appreciate your concern and we'll take them seriously. Thank you. Shiloh MX Park

Go figure :p
Yep, thats what they wrote me. Hopefully with enough people writing in with good clean opinions on why ATVs should be allowed, they will let us back. No need to get hateful and burn bridges or they wont let ATVs ride for sure if they think ATV riders are a bunch of riff-raffs. But seriously, a track with an inground irrigation system should NOT be complaining about dust. Maybe the water bill, but not dust.
Sent a letter also....Hope they change their minds...
Done it 4 you brotha man---That sux, hope they change their minds (if they have one!)
Well, they didnt change their minds... They said that ATVs are no longer allowed due to the amount of dust they create. Oh well, I guess I'll be opening my own track somewhere a little closer to my house. Soon as I can find some land for cheap. Thanks for the support though guys.
Bummer :(
dang that is stupid... i was ready to write them too... if you think it will help i will still write them. its already hard enough to find places to ride.
did , nice and sweet , mentioned the family value thing !
don't get down....TAKE IT TO THE STREETS!!
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