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I Know This Has Been Done Before But.....

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I just wanna give a big shout to all the memers here. This is one of the most mature groups that i have ever had the pleasure to talk to! You guys truly make this site what it is, i'm a moderator and i think i've used my mod privvy's twice since the boss gave them to me! That says alot in itself! The sponsors here are tremendous to, Fuel, Orange County, Cernics, Aggressive, you guys make owning an atv a worth while experience! A big thank you the LTR450HQ (Taylor) for building the BEST R-450 site on the net! For everybody here....

Thank You!
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It truly is amazing how smooth everything flows, I absolutely love it. :wub: Could not ask for a better userbase than we have here, and that's no lie! Our sponsors offer an unbelievable amount of support, and the deals I see are out of this world! B)

I'll follow suit here and add additional thanks out to our awesome site sponsors, to the moderating team, and to our members for making this site the #1 LTR site on the net. It's very satisfying to know that our moderation team can work on growing the site instead of constantly having to be worried about keeping BS off the boards. Taylor has poured his heart & soul (with a large emphasis on his wallet) into this site, and it truly has paid off. Thanks to everyone for their hard-work! :cheers:
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