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I Know There Hondas

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The start is by the speakers, and you can kind of see the roost from taking off. Short hill, about 300ft long. 49MPH, 3rd gear.

Same race, different view.

One at Patton hill vs another pretty MXd out 450R

Another at Patton vs a fast arse YFZ and a couple others

A little messing around on the hill with my MX bike

This one is after we won our class we race this YZF for our round of KOTH. He couldnt even touch the ground. The guy who owned it put his little kid on it. As you can see it runs real WELL, the guy told me that it had a piston, cams, porting, pipe, filter, etc etc. dang dirtbikes.

Chad on the black bike. This bike is still a 350. Wanna race?
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Nice vids.
is that what the dunes are like out west?? that would be a bummer to be stuck in line waiting....but then again there would always be someone to ride with.
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