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I Just Made 1 Hp Today!!!

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Sorry guys, just had to make a post. Got off the scale and I lost enough to make 1 hp on the R450. I drive a lot for work so I've put on a few pounds during the last 2 years on the road. By the time I'm back in my old shape I will have gained 4.2 hp. If that doesn't make you want to run an extra mile on the treadmill I don't know what will. :)
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Cool so here is the pay back for being "the skinny guy". Current weight 147.
^^^^I thought I was the skinny guy at 165. How tall are you?
5' 10"
Well, I'm not 18 (32). Although I may by considered skinny, I can assure you I can hold my own. I am a Marine (14 yrs) and do PT (physical training) everyday and sometimes twice. Now if you know anything about our workout programs vice the gym, you know that it is very aerobic. Means I burn a ton of calories. 2ndly I smoke, giving me a SUPER fast matabolism....
Don't be fooled, it makes a deadly combination; skinny and strong :angry: . Not trying to toot my own horn but I gaurantee I'll keep up with ya and may even beat ya ).
I'd like to say its all my riding but there may be something in the fact that I am in shape and trim.
I am about 6-1 and weigh about 230-235 right now and when I race I am at a big disadvantage. I would like to get down to about 190 so I have a ways to go for next season. Any good tips would be appreciated. So I'm gonna wait a lil while to revalve my stock shocks so I don't miraculously lose 20lbs and have them set too stiff!

later guys
Loosing weight is really easy actually. Change one thing you eat (like no more soda or fast food) and do crunches/push-ups durring every commercial break when you are watching TV. Guarantee you'll be about 1-2 lbs a week and you hardly did anything. Basically, you need to cut and burn 500 calories a day to loose 1 lbs a week. So just by not eating fast food or drinking soda you hit that part 1. If you do say 30 min (total time when your wathcing TV) you hit the other part 2. Sounds easy huh. It is!
Yeah I have been doing part 1 of your idea for about 2 months and already lost about 8-10lbs, but part 2 not so much.... I need to get more committed, cuz I love doing this sport (Quad MX). I don't really have anybody to practice with and I have my own practice track plus I work 2nd shift 2:30pm ta 12:30am Mon-Thu with Friday off, so it kinda hard to get up most of the time.

Sorry, I kinda got off the subject guys, my point is, is that I want to better myself and release several extra ponies.

later guys
I know tyou watch TV or have time when you arent doing anything. Thats the time to pump a couple out. It keeps your matablism going full throttle all damn day long.
havent seen either of them :smashcomp:
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