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ok, i got my LTR friday, rode it all weekend with no whine. today, i changed the oil (Suzuki ATV Oil 10w40; 1.4 quarts to the tank, 400ml to the other side) and oil filter (didnt see any metal flakes), added the cherry bomb, removed airbox lid and baffle and after riding on my track today for about 3 hours i got the whine. i broke it in like motoman said, and just rode it around my track in short intervals. i did however sorta kinda maybe abused the clutch just a little on break in... (pulling it in through corners, revving then dumping it coming out of corners) could this be the cause? if you have "the whine", did you abuse the clutch on break-in?? one of my buddies races dirtbikes, and he said the hondas tend to blow-up and the suzukis have weak trannies. this is the same as the dirtbike motor, just the EFI. hes rode them all so im guessing he knows his stuff. just wondering if everyone with the whine kinda maybe sorta could've abused the clutch on break in??
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I'm using Valvoline 10w40 and i love it, but the only time i ever heard my ltr whine was when i was riding a flat track, which made me accelerate really fast and slow down fast which put some stress on the engine, other than that it doesn't whine. Also i don't have to put the extra 200ml in too.
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