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I Have Always Wanted An Ltr

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well i wish i could buy one but i cant get a job and my parents are divorced so my mon doesnt have much money and i was hoping i could get like a sort of charity so i can live my dreAM OF riding the ltr450 i have supported suzuki since they are the best of course and i hope u all can help me in my dream of owning a ltr450 so i can show everyone what suzuki is made of please find it in ur hearts to help me with this :) l8trz yall and i hope u can help me?!
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nope well i cant they dont allow me and whos lemon lol well i like want one so bad but i need like a sort of like a donation to get one cus down here down sout h not many people own suzukis and are always getting pressured to buy them yamahas and hondas and it pisses me off that they put zuki down like that so i want a ltr450 to put them in thyre place :fro:
oh i am but i need to go in the summer its wit my unkle and ill b geting like 3500 in the summer for working in insolation u know that itchy stuff and ill have to save or invest that for 2 years and then ill get one but i wont kant wait till then or help me in getting a really good one for a great price from a copany or somthing
Umm...welcome to LTR450hq? :huh:
thanx u all have a bunch of good info here on this site :lol:
well i dont have time for that work i got to much school work i got the collage slashe highschool classes and im in the wrestling program trying to finnish school fast and with a good amount of collage credits so i only got time to work in the summer and i want a quad before starting all of the rest of the things so i can see what i can do with all of the other stuff and maybee get into racing quads

sorry i get sorta mixed up when i type fast i cand wright and speel fine i got APclasses at school
jaja good ones anyways no im not a bum igot $3000$ already saved up since i was twelve and stfu about the education thing god get over it u are even worse than the brits when it comes to spelling im not asking for money no more im asking for help with gettin good deals on a quad!!!! :bangbang:

no i mean i accept ur advice but get over the spelling thing lol :fro:
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