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I Figured I'd Ask Before I Start Troubleshooting

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Well before I start troubleshooting this thing I figured I'd ask to see if anyone has run across this;

Today when I cranked her up the neutral light wouldn't work. I figured it was most likely the bulb. Well while trail riding at a VERY SLOW PACE due to all the mud it overheated on me twice and the fan would not kick on. Now I know something's wrong. The engine ice was just boiling in the radiator. You could hear it from 5 ft away.

Any ideas before I start tearing it down and tracing the problem down?

I know there's a relay behind the headlight I have to chck as wall as the white connector just under the rear plastics. I looked at the fuses at the battery box and they are both good.

By the way I had a ball at Buscoe Beach today. The wife went mudding again. I swear in a former life she must have been a damn pig.
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Looked through the service manuals and could not find anything about "no neutral light". Sounds like some stuff might be unplugged?
i dont have a problem with the neutral light not comming on it just comes on in like second or wont come on when i am in neutral. makes for embarrasing stalls :rolleyes:
Hmmm...I'll dig a little deeper when I get back from Arizona... :(
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