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How Would You Spend $2500 On Your Lt-r450?

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I think I have "I can't leave it alone syndrome," and I need to look into medical attention!

Not sure why I can't just leave it alone and ride the damn thing, this is how I spent my cash...

IMS Nerfs/Pegs/Heel Guards
PWR Aluminum Radiator
Streamline Brakelines
LSR Front Spindle Shafts
LSR Front Wheel Hubs
LSR Heavy Duty Pivot Bolt
LSR Rear Wheel Hubs
LSR Sprocket Hub Locknut
LSR Sprocket Guard
LSR Disc Rotor Guard
LSR +2" Stem w/ 1-1/8" Clamp
LSR Axle
LSR E-Brake Block Off
Tag T2 1-1/8" Sport Bend Handlebars
Tag Medium Grips
Blingstar Polished Ulta Light Bumper
ASV C-5 Clutch Lever & Pro Perch (Refurb)
ASV C-5 Brake Lever (Refurb)
HEP Warning Label Plates
HEP Master Cylinder Guard
Royal HPDE Chassis Skid

I know I am forgetting something. I should have everything by the end of the week or early next and will post pics as soon as it is all done...
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You forgot the most important upgrades. Intake, exhaust and suspension. Or do you already have that covered?
Personally I would have not bought any of the LSR, PWR, HEP stuff, and dropped it into Fox Evols and a Yoshi stage 3 motor kit. Just my $.02
I forgot to mention that I have the engine department already taken care of for now... Below is what all I have done to it (so far):

Rossier Full Exhaust
Venom High Velocity Porting
Vance & Hines 5-Angle Competion Valve Job
CP 13.75 Compression Piston
G1 Crower Intake Cam
Trinity Intake

I contimplated swapping the cam out for another, but I decided against that and to leave the engine alone for now...

Basically I was just looking for some bling...

I told myself that I wouldn't do a full suspension again. For the amount and type of recreational riding I do it just is not worth it to me. Every quad I have ever had I always put $4k-$5k into a full suspension (i.e. a-arms, swingarm & shocks, etc...)
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Nice! Id like to see it
where da pics!!

I woulda bought 2 hookers and a video camera :lol:
I think I have the same desease as you. I refuse to add up how much I have spent. Just a ball park on all my quads and aftermarket parts and riding equiptment.....I would say I am at least 40-50 Gs give or take a few Gs.
The sad thing is that before I started riding I was restoring a 67 GTO and since I started I have not spent one cent on it. I could have a totaly cherried out goat sitting im my garage.
Sounds like an awesome build Bronson!!! Wonderful selection of parts...

One question, did you bend the stock axle or just felt like replacing it with the LSR?
I would spend a good amount of that money on some Junkie Fiber
I would spend a good amount of that money on some Junkie Fiber
2500$ of junkie fiber could do some wonderful things :p

If you haven't swapped rubbers yet, definitely do that ASAP. Hiper race wheels are always HIGH on my list...
You do have a disease, and I almost bought the full suspension for my raptor back when you were parting yours out on bluetraxx.
I am suffering from early stages of the same disease, luckily I got the income.
I woud spend that money on important stuff that will make u go faster.

1. i'd get my suspension rebiult for my riding style, weight and get it to have alittle more travel ( and no not a softening rebiuld).
2. Tag steering stem +1 from LTR stock length $ 245
3. GPR steering stabilizer (when in production) $ 364
4. Custom Graphics and seat cover $ don't know
5. Factory Suzuki's AC Racing heelguard Nerfs bars $ know clue
6. Full Dasa exhaust system with black lettering $480
7. Stronger starter $ don't know
8. Tag X5 handlebars $52
9. RS-7 full Yoshi exhaust $460
10. ITP holeshot SX (front and rear) $110
11. ITP T-9 pro beadlock black rims all 4 rims $432
12. Pro Armor Full Chassis skid $95
13. K&N air filter $50
14. DynaTek EFI controller $175
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i think for some of us.... the question should be...

what would you spend ANOTHER $2500 on? :(
Well in that case if i recieved $2500 on my doorstep, then I'd save it and put it in the bank.

Sure sounds like Gary's old motor...... :rolleyes:

Is this King's old bike?
I would Junkie Fiber Your entire quad. Every single part
I need to get the kind of job you have so I can spend $2500 on my bike.
The Air Force just don't pay that well. :(
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