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How To Get The Holeshot?

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How do you get the holeshot? Any tips?
Were do you sit: front, middle or back of the seat?
How much throttle: half, 3/4 or full?

I do all my racing either in sand drags or hill shots. I weigh around 200 lbs and have tried so many different ways but I can't seem to figure out what works best. So let me know what works for you.
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what tires are you running?

tire and gear combo really make a difference on how you launch. Greasy tires on 10" rims are best launched with less revvs. Where a 21" tire on an 8" rim really needs to be blown off the line at full throttle or you'll bog.

You'll have to find the sweet spot for your setup.

Tire pressure is a big deal too.

you're biggest problem is going to be that 10" rim. Since you like drag racing and hill shooting more than anything. I'd say go to a 21x12x8 6 or 7 paddle hauler or 6 paddle brat..... the other guys on here also like the 9 paddle gliders for glamis. But I'd definately stick to a 21x12x8 configuration for 80%+ drag racing.

I'd probably even drop back to the 36t rear. With the Dasa and supporting mods.... you really should gear up and see what the result is.

I've recently even went back to the 14t front.
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