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How To Get The Holeshot?

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How do you get the holeshot? Any tips?
Were do you sit: front, middle or back of the seat?
How much throttle: half, 3/4 or full?

I do all my racing either in sand drags or hill shots. I weigh around 200 lbs and have tried so many different ways but I can't seem to figure out what works best. So let me know what works for you.
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I thought you would want to be on the back of the seat for traction. Your tires spinning fast in the same spot does'nt sound like it would help at all. Guess thats one thing I was doing wrong. Sounds like my next trips is going to be spent practicing starts.

Well i havent thought about holeshots, it comes natural. i've taken $15,000 TRx's in to the first corner and continue to do so with a stock quad.
Think man Think!!

Now whats the trick?
Thanks wht180 for the info. I'm definetly switching back to the 14 up front because it is easier to change than the rear. I'm also getting some 6 paddle extremes with 8" wheels. I will hopefully get better at starts because the quad has more than enough power and I can usually start to track others down but I always get blown off the line. Thats my fault though not the quads.

Keep the tips coming, the more I have to work with the better.
Also --- practice 2nd gear starts. There are numerous benefits.
I tried the 2nd gear start with the 13/38 setup and I was bogging to much. I even sat on the gas tank trying to keep from getting traction so the wheels could spin a little more.
It might work well if I weighed only 150 or so. It may have worked also if I had a better tire setup. I'll have to give it a try once I have better paddles.
i weight 250lbs and i can pull a holeshot starting out in second gear...
Is that in the sand.......If it is how?
I rarely if never race on I need some sand tips.
wheelies are a no no...
Maybe off the line.......but after you just whooped someones @$$ its always fun wheelying down the hill...or as your coming to the top of the hill. Just to rub it in a little.

Once I get this holeshot thing down I will be doing alot more wheelies.
1 - 6 of 27 Posts
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