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Hey guys, we have a new feature here on LTR450hq. First off I would like to thank Stacy (DJVolume) for coming up with this idea, I've never seen anything like this on an online forum and should prove to be a very useful tool for many.

How it works:

A topic with questions in regards to a problem with one's LTR will be asked in each respective forum and members will respond as normal. Once the person who started the thread has identified and repaired the problem, they simply write a detailed response on what the problem was, and a how-to on what they did to fix it.

All you have to do after that is hit the "report" button below any post in the thread and ask a moderator to move the thread.
A moderator will quickly lock and move the thread to the problem solved forum for future reference

Simple idea, and will give us one place for all members to reference problems instead of having to search through half-completed threads (another thanks to SandJunkie for bringing this up as well)
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