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How Do These Mods Sound

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Well, we have a new one that should be here anytime this week. Hopefully soon, even though I wont be able to race it b/c of freakin football. o well. Ive been thinking of the mods i wanna add, how do all of these sound so far?

DASA Full Exhaust, (black can, with ceramic header) - need opinon on a heatshield to use with it
Cherry Bomb w/ lid removed
Pro Taper Handlebars
Spyder Grips
Non-Beadlock front Hipers with Kenda Klaws
Dual Beadlock rear Hipers with black rings with stock tires
Rath Gloss Black Pro Pegs
Pro Armor Pro MX Bumper. (black)
Either Rath or Pro Armor grab bar. (black)
Pro Armor, or Pro Design kill switch. (which do you reccomend?)
ASV C/5 series Pro Model Clutch Lever-Anodized Blue . (had this on my 330ex and transferring it over, these things are awesome!)
Dirtbike killswitch as starter
Im thinking One Industries Graphics. But will take any input. (This is a YELLOW LT-R By the way, yes, YELLOW) go ahead and critsize
And custom number plates. Where do you reccomend I get them?

Plus, will the steering stabalizer, (Gibson 7 way adjustable/rebuildable) fit on my LT-R? It is for a 400ex/250R. I plan on buying a Precision down the road, but will use this if it works until then.

Thats all for now, tell me what you guys think, and Let me know if there is anything else you think i should look into.

**Also, on the Hipers, can you tell me what you guys used to mount them, like what all did you use under the nuts? I will flip them so the beveled edge is outward, but I still stripped off some of the material on my Bajas on my 300, and would rather not do this on the Hipers. So if you can tell me waht you guys used to mount them, that would be awesome and greatly appreciated!**
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you talkin about a PIM or FIMAK? I think we are gonna get a PIM, but im not sure when. Which would I need first the FIMAK or PIM?
thanks, I'll be sure to look into that. What airfilter should I get? Im thinkin UNI or Twinair. Im stayin away from K&N though.
i have a 450R heat sheild that I think i may put on, I just have to get a few new clamps. Im pretty sure that will work. And i just figured out I will have to get more nuts. Do I need to get flat washers, then lock washers? Will that work? or should I just get nuts only.
i guess i'll just have to see when they get here. Does anybody know where I can get the heat shield clamps for the stock 450R heatshield for cheap? I checked on and it would be $20 some-odd for one freakin clamp
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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