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Hmf Weight

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Does anyone know what the HMF muffler and head pipe weigh?
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I wouldnt think more then 10 Lbs.. I cant see why it matters unless your wondering for shipping.. I hope its not to try to make a really light bike.. cuz the 3 pounds you save buying a diffrent pipe could have been a better diffrence is a HP gain.. If its weight your worried about just dont eat that extra cake on the table :p

What you and most people don't realize is less weight = more power. All these people who put on ITP wheels, nerf bars, big bumpers, and a lot of other accessories are actually loosing power as the added weight is hurting their power to weight ratio. When I build a bike my first thought isn't what can I do to add power but is what can I do to this thing to take off some weight (after I do this then I look at how to add power). And no, just swapping out a heavy exhaust isn't going to do anything for you in giving you more power. But I was able to take off a total of 38 pounds on my 04 YFZ. That was like adding 4 HP to the bike! And trust me, you can feel the differnce in the seat of your pants. Just remember people, you can add power simple by loosing weight. It doesn't really make a whole lot of difference on a tight MX track, but if you ride open trails and the dunes and like to jump, man you'll feel the difference even more so than adding more power.
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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