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Hmf Pipe

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It looks like I will go for the HMF full system. I read that it is a 99db pipe so it is more quiet than the other and delivers good low end torque...the way I would prefer.

Is there a special insert to make it quiet, or is it just set-up like that?

The main question is where to get it, and which model am I looking for? I wouldn't mind a blue one.

I will just stay with the CRBM and keep the airbox stock for now. Later I may add head work, and then should need a new efi manager.

I have been very happy with the LT so far. I seem to ride it faster then my YFZ. I maybe a bit better rider than last year, but I feel like the bike has more capabilities and makes me feel more confident to get after it. The other day I feel like I rode better and faster than I ever have. It was great to do it.
A few issues...the gear whine is there when I ride real hard. I let it rest, and it goes away. It is possible I have burnt my clutch already, but I haven't checked to be sure. I will Thursday.

My bumper arrived today, black and silver AC. My nerfs have been here a long time now, had them painted black.

I bought an enclosed trailer a few weeks ago so high dollar mods are out for now. I do want to get a little more power from the pipe though. Later, I would love black wheels. Also Fastflex bars.

Anyway, thanks for any help.
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Even though they don't list one for the LTR, you might give them a call and see if and when they will have them in stock!

Just a little info. ;)

heres some more. :D
I thought I read the HMF tested at 99db's. I could be wrong.

Would they have a quiet insert for it? I'll call them and ask myself, but if any of you guys know, post up.

Someone is claiming 99db for the Rossier. The DASA tested at 100db and HMF at 102db. This is with out spark arrestors or quiet inserts.

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