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Hiper Mounting

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what all are you guys using to mount these rims? I know to turn the nut around so the beveled side it facing outward, but do any of you use like a flat washer, then locking washer, then just a regular nut? I thought I have hear of people doing that before. I sttripped some aluminum off of my Bajas when they were on my 300, and it made it hell to take those off and put back on, I had to hit them with a rubber mallet sometimes. So I was wanting to know what all I should use, or if just flipping the nuts is good enough.
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I swear I just answered this thread1 I just took some flat washers and regular nuts and put'em on w/ a little loctite.
lol. It is in the other forum about my mods. lol. The DASA is on its way, and so is the cherry bomb. And we go and pick up the LTR tom.! :D the only thing is, I think the DASA is like chromed or whatever, not black. Maybe i'll have to send it out to junkie sooner or later and have it junkified with that new carbon look. Im just ready to get this beast in
hipers are ready to be mounted. BUT, they didnt have flat washers, only lock washers, so we got those. should we leave those off and only mount the nuts with a tad of blue locktite? or should we use the lock washers? or should i just wait and go get flat washers another day. sorry about all the ?'s, im just anxouis.
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