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Here's The Info I Promised Everyone.

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Ok here's the info I promised everyone:

PDF File:


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I just got back from a vacation in Cozumel mexico and had a PIM waiting for me. Now, if you dont know, Valium is available across the counter there, as well as other prescription pills. I snuck a few through customs, along with a couple REAL Cuban cigars (the best you will ever experience) and the instructions for the PIM are so easy to follow that I could install the whole thing after taking 4 Valuim. I do not condone this terribly irresponsible action to anyone else, I just wanted to test myself in an incapacitated state to find my true mechanical skills. Oh yeah, DO NOT try filling your gas tank with VP110 while seeing double from illegal pills and smoking cuban cigars, its can get ugly real fast!!!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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