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Here's The Info I Promised Everyone.

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Ok here's the info I promised everyone:

PDF File:


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The pim replaces the CRBM!

Installation took about an hour because I had never taken off the plastics. Plastics came off easily enough but they are a BITCH to get ligned back up.

Anyway the PIM is top notch as far as manufacturing goes. Really quality workmanship in all the connectors and wires. Instructions are excellent also. The only negative thing I have to say about it is the method they use to attach the PIM to the PIM mounting bracket. It's actually a velcro attachment. They could have definately come up with a better mounting system.

As far as performance goes the first thing I did was polish the header and rub it down with alcohol. I took it for a few spins down a nearby dirt road. My SOTPD (Seat of the Pants Dyno) tells me that there is DEFINATELY a BIGGER hit throughout the RPM range. Could it be wishful thinking? I'm not sure but right now I'm convinced it's there. Also no hint of the header turning purple so far. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I'm going riding and I'll see if it turns purple.
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Thanks for the info! I wonder why they include the Cherrybomb on the parts list of the combo kit... I figured the PIM replaced the CB but was confused when I saw it on the combo list. By the way, I am praying for a lack of rain for you so you can put it to the test.
Unfortunately It's raining like cats and dogs today so it looks lilke no riding. You're right it is sort of mis-leading to show the combo kit with the CRBM because when you install the PIM there's absolutely no place to plug it in as the PIM plugs in where you unplug the CRBM and the instructions state clearly that the PIM replaces the CRBM.

Unfortunately Yoshi is the WORST company I've ever dealt with when it comes to getting consistant information. I specifically asked them a few months ago if the PIM replaced the CRBM and they stated that it stayed connected when you install the PIM. They definately need to sit everyone down in 1 room at the same time and explain how things work so customers get the correct/same information when they call and ask questions.
I wonder if there is a map for the 'bomb' to look at so as to compare the fueling between it and the next step up of using the PIM ?
I already have a call into Yoshi asking that very question. I want to see the maps sheets for the 2 maps that are already in the ECU.
Then we could see if there is really any need to invest in a PIM when the bomb could probably do ($39)
From what I read you use the bomb for a slip on and the PIM for a full exhaust and then add a FIMAK for full out mods ? (basically)
There is a difference!

See this post for the answer:
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