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HELP US ...... 1st LTR450 pipe shootout

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O.K. we are going to do the first LTR450 pipe shoot out, but we need alittle help from our members. We will be doing a base line run on a LTR450 with no air box lid, no sparky, and a cherry bomb. Then we will be bolting on FULL exhaust systems to check performance gains. We will also check for rich and lean conditions. We will not be using anything else. No moduals, commanders, no adjustments. All runs will be as equal as possible. These runs will be made in California. Now for your help we need some pipes. Here is what we have

Yoshi rs-5 Full System - FUELATV

Trinity Full System - SANDJUNKIE

HMF Full System - HMF has supplied us with one of their pipes

We need a DMC full exhaust, Two Bros. full exhaust....and any others. Help us be the first site with some solid info on LTR450 pipes. Please P.M. me if you can help us out. We will need your pipe from 4/19/2006 till 5/8/2006. Then it will be shipped out your fellow LTR bros.

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What ever happened with this? Did anyone ever do the shootout? If so, what were the results?
Cool, thanks. I didn't find that thread. Thanks again.
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