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Handlebar Hieght Effect

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How is jumping, turning and overall handleing effected by taller bars.
What do you preffer and is it better or worse.
I know when dirtbikers ride my quad they complain about the bars being to low.
I'm still using factory bars and I have em moved forward so the're straight up and down.
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dude if your comfortable with the way you have your bars set now then dont worry about getting taller bars. id suggest gettin stronger aftermarket ones. its the same way with me my buddy rides a crf450 and complains my bars r 2 low also. so my words of wisdom are if your comfortable then dont f*uck with. lol
the thing is I've never ridden them any other way, so I'm asking cuz maybe it is more comfortable with taller bars. I know pros seem to have em taller, It must be for a reason.
Taller stems seem to put the bars in a more comfortable position for the majority of people. Especially if you're a bigger guy, it's alot easier to handle a quad when your bars are set in the perfect position. The preferred height for each person is different, but the general concensus is to go higher. Try riding a few other quads with a taller stem/bars and see what you think.
For me? I know that going 1/2" taller made a world of back seemed to be more relaxed also...just way more comfortable...definately worth the money :D
i feel like i'm sitting more into the bike with taller bars rather than sitting on top of it with shorter bars.
i feel like i'm sitting more into the bike with taller bars rather than sitting on top of it with shorter bars.[/b]

good point!
i feel like i'm sitting more into the bike with taller bars rather than sitting on top of it with shorter bars.[/b]
Thats how I feel.
im shorter at 5'9 and i feel that the stock stem height and tag cr high fit me perfect i tried taller and i did not like the way it felt so i went back to stock and so far love it.
I prefer to have the bars straighter too... Thats why on my pro tapers I got the windham bend. Also if you get a set of fat bars the mounts will raise the bars about an inch too. Have you thought about Fasst's Flexx Bars at all?
I prefer a taller bar, but I am also a taller guy. I think its whatever is comfortable for the rider and the rider style.
the Taller bars seem to let you use your legs support your body more than being bent over with shorter bars,, you can see when they land a jump with short bars they seem to have a whiplash effect on the head due to being bent over but when standing up straight the force is more centered over the legs and the head is centered with the lower back,,.. kind of like when lifting heavy objects you don't want to be bent over you want to use your legs as much as you can!!

thats My two pennies on the subject :unsure:
ive got a stock stem and dirtbike bars... its comfy for me but i may try something taller...back and shoulders are constanly 5"8"
Try going to the gym or better yet a stabilizer. For a 5'8", stock stem should be just fine. Taller bars for you will end up tiring you out even more. Try riding MX with this set up. See my point?

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Hey that just made me come up with an awesome idea! I'm going to get a sissy bar for the back of my quad now! I should be able to pick up some chicks with that... J/k guys sorry for gettin off topic
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