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Guys been reading an awful lot of your posts here and find it very cool. Im new to the EFI world as most of us are with our new toys. I am thinking about doing a few simple bolt ons and tuning mods . I am looking for a little more low end grunt as I race motocross and do alot of practice track riding. So what I need to know is this.

What do you guys recommend as far as simple semi inexpensive bolt ons? I was considering going with a cam , slip on, or full system and then getting either a power commander or Fimak . I currently have the C-Bomb on my bike with the baffle out and airbox drilled not removed.

Suggestions guys? Will I nned to Fimak/Pcomm. if I do these things ? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys !!!


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Pull the air box lid, add a cherry bomb, and Full HMF or DASA pipe. These seem to be the best two pipes tested. You will be fine with just the cherry bomb. It is suspected the PIM will make more HP, but this has not be verified yet on a dyno. Adding a full exhaust will make about 3hp more then the stock system with the baffle pulled.

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