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Grace Period???

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so how long is too long when waiting for a reply from someone you ordered parts from. private seller, not a company, and I sent the money through pay pal so I know he got the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ but i havent heard anything from the guy for 4 days now...............
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Well if its a large company you usually dont get a email about it being shipped. Youll get a receipt from paypal. Usually they just ship it out within a week and within 2 weeks youll get it.
yeah but they would answer your emails after the fact though right? ive sent three after I recieved my reciept from paypal, plus he said he would send me a shipping number or tracking number when he got the $$$$$............maybe im just being paranoid, but ive been ripped off with paypal incidents before
I've also seen cases where the seller was out of town when the money was received so he couldn't reply. One case on one of the sites I visit the seller was on vacation and the buyer got worried but it all worked out in the end. Just don't let it go past 30 days or you can't get your money back from paypal.
good to know thanks
(hope my blowup doll doesnt take TOO much longer)
i thought it said private seller
i would give them a few more days and then report it to pay pal and they will refund you money in full and the seller will have to go through a bunch of sh**t to get his money if he has already shipped it . (i have done it before) .
PM sent about me having the same problem with a private seller....
I am of the school that says hound the crap out of the seller if they arent meeting your demands.
Any luck yet?
no, but i found out im not the only one waiting for a reply from him on ordered parts. I sent him an email giving him till the end of the week before i get my money back from paypal
whats the item and the guys name i may know the person
mine was the twist throttle/spidergrips from medicdad2005
only $40 BUT

someone PMed me saying he sent him near $300 for bars and stuff and hasnt gotten a reply either
Medicdad has been a pretty active and well known member for awhile I would give him a chance.
thats one of the reasons I bought this thing from him, I sent the money hours after talking to him finding a price and all and that was it........wierd
Dont know him personally but have been with him on ltrcentral for about 5 months. Give him some time. He is reputable, I promise.
he sent my dobeck to me that day. doesnt sound like him to me??
I have personnally spoke with him on the phone on a few occassions. He is not the type to take your money and not give something in return. I bet that something has come up. Give it a day or so I am positive he will contact you.

One other comment about Medicdad, he is a member at a few other sites and always chimes in on posts. Seems to be a VERY HONEST and an INFORMATIVE MEMBER.
I was in the same situation as you are in now except the person was really trying to scam me. I was able to get all of my money back in the end, but once again I would give Medicdad a day or so he will chime in!
He doesnt seem so reputable to me. Someone had already given him a deposit on his ltr which he sold last week. After he got the deposit he lists it on ebay and claims that the ebay screen name isnt him. It was taken off and the ltr was sold to the person who gave the deposit. He included all the sale receipts in the sale (some from PayPal) and it showed that it really was his name that listed the ltr. He also said a proflow intake was included with the ltr, which he sold a few weeks back. I dunno but lying about somthing and selling things that were supposed to be included doesnt sound very right to me.
Hmm I thought that was squard away....guess not
I've actually been given really strong positive feedback about transactions with him on here...

I'd give him a little more time to respond, may not be the best "business" practice but sometimes emergencies DO come up
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