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Got Beat By A Yfz 6 Out Of 8 Times By 1 Bike Length

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Just a lil story,
I went to LIL Saraha this last weekend in OK. I guy asked me if I wanted to play on the strip. I said OK lets go. We lined up and I ran him the 1st time, My front tire was at his foot peg. At the end of the strip he says to me......And I quote "What the F#@K are you running in that thing" I said just the normal stuff....Pipe filter and CRMB...He said that thing is crazy!! I have spent so much money on this!! I said thanks and we kept raceing!!! PS I just have Sand sharks 20X11X9 on it........Wonder what some Extreme Haulers would have done for me!!?? He had done a pipe,filter,NOS,Haulers,Power Comander.....As well as a couple other things he ratteled off.........My ego was so big I almost could not fit it in my trailer!!!
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YFZs are faster than the LTR, have you ridden them both? I don't think my LT-R is very fast.

What do you mean as faster? like they have a faster top speed? or there quicker? I rode a cam modded yfz and that thing ripped.. but stockers are not impressive at all
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