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My bro and I went for a quick dune trip to glamis to check out the new stuff.
Ishock revalved
6 paddle haulers
HMF exhaust

We were there like at 6 pm were started cruising then headed out to olds. were we met with two 700 raptors with exhaust and intake. Ran really good just got them by a quad. well there were like 12 quads in total really fast riders and quads out there. took a couple fully built YFZ and also got beated by a couple.

The weather was really nice (I live out here so this is very nice for summer). it was going well until I got a flat on my new 6 paddle extremes. luckily we had the 6 paddle gliders which I really like. after a quick change of tires we headed up to olds again were we raced and after two drags then bro's quad quit. It stated bogging down and wouldn't run. we suspect its clogged fuel filter because no Fi light came on. It would stall when given gas. :scoot: That RUINED our night ride. which we were planning on Testing our trail tech HID. used them for 15 min. Lighted up pretty good.

well will get them fix for the next run.

I shock revalve work good smoother ride and gave it a taller stance up front. works really good

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Gotta love the Glamis... :D
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