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What is stock gearing on the LTR450?..I heard it is long ..

If yes..What is the best gearing for trail and dragging?
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I just got back from Gordon's well this weekend, I was running a 13t, with 6 paddle extremes (20" on a 8x9 rim) I weigh over 280 (I'm very tall) and could pull 3rd on "test" no problem. This is with basic mods(no lid, plug removed, and CB)

Felt great on the flats, even pretty good on the hills, but for duning more paddle wouldn't hurt( really more paddle and more gear) I was shifting alot in the dunes , mainly second, third, and a little clutch work

Once I add the HR1 shorty and PCIII (on order) it should get better on the torque side.

overall, the 20", 6 paddle extremes and the 13t should be sufficient for anyone who knows how to ride. I wouldn't spend too much time trying to make it perfect as there are too many compromises to consider when trying to make a do it all bike

And just my opinion, a 20x10x10 8 paddle would probably be a good duning set up with a 13/38 or 39

The 6 paddles worked well though, I plan on keeping them , and the8x 9" wide rim was a nice balance of width for duning, and still worked well for hills
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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