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ok guy's i did the first oil change on the ltr the other day, and the oil was thinned with gas. i know with cars this is a bad thing but what about the ltr? :unsure:
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only mods are cherry bomb air lid and sparky. i run 2 tanks then changed oil. but the mods were done like 1and 3/4 tank of gas
should i wate tell the next oil change and if there is still gas in there take it in? did any one find a hint of gas in the oil win you did a oil change? i mean it runs good no smoke stalling.
yeah im going to take it in. i was riding it the last 2 days and its makeing this new sound and i don't like it at all. im going to put the sparky back in so i can hear it better.the sound is the loud'st win im in first or 2nd and rev out and then let off the gas and let it slow down it get louder.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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